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tv   AB Cs World News With Charles Gibson  ABC  December 8, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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welcom welcome to "world news." tonight, security breach. the tsa puts its operations manual online, big mistake. it reveals closely-guarded secrets about airport security. massive mess. winter is early. a wide swath of the midwest is hit with snow, high winds and ice. tiger's trouble. another emergency call to the golfer's home. and now one of his sponsors is pulling the plug. and, catch a wave. they're crying surf's up in hawaii. way up. the biggest waves in years are crashing ashore. good evening. everyone who goes through an
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airport knows the transportation security administration. and the middle name of the agency is security. but the tsa didn't even secure their own most sensitive secrets. the agency posted its airport screening procedures manual right on the internet. and anyone who reads it would have little problem figuring out how to get around tsa screening. so, our chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with details. brian? >> reporter: charlie, it's being called the most serious security breach since the creation of the tsa after the 9/11 attacks. this 93-page document, mistakenly posted on join lie the tsa, reveals the agency's most sensitive airport screening secrets. since that day, 19 hijackers easily made their way through airport security, the tsa has developed a complex program to prevent that from happening again. since yesterday, the secret details have been online for everyone to see.
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most damaging, say officials, what size electrical wire can go undetected by airport screening machines, valuable information for a bomb maker. also in the documents, a list of vips and federal officials who can get specialized or no screening and items that screeners can opt not to check, including wheelchairs, footwear of the disabled, prosthetic devices and casts and orthopedic shoes. also revealed, that the tsa only inspects 20% of checked baggage by hand. the rest is never opened, according to the document. >> it obviously gives a road map to terrorists as to exactly how to exploit the weaknesses in our aviation security system. >> reporter: as part of a contract bidding process the tsa posted the documents online with the sensitive parts electronically blacked out. but with a few key strokes, bloggers were able to quickly remove the black. and now the world can see what identity cards for the cia and federal air marshals and other
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law enforcement officials look like, as well as hundreds of other details. >> what we now have to do is try to mitigate that information so that if it falls in the hands of the wrong people, they can not use it to compromise our security system. >> reporter: u.s. officials say al qaeda continues to focus on aviation plots and the disclosure of so many sensitive details is likely to lead to urgent changes and even longer lines at airport screening locations. no homeland security official would agree to appear on our program tonight. but in a written statement, the tsa said the document is an outdated version of procedures from last year that's been updated since six times. even so, they say, they're taking it seriously and have launched a full investigation. they've learned that if they blacked out the sensitive parts with a simple black mark, some of the fancy computer program would have never happened. >> all right, brian ross, thanks to you. next, we're going to turn to
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the weather. winter is still 13 days away, but a broad section of the country might doubt that. a massive late autumn storm is creating havoc, bringing deep snow to many areas. heavy rain or freezing temperatures to many others. and the giant system is moving to the east. here's barbara pinto. >> reporter: the massive storm walloped the west, where winter rarely looks like this. snow, in the desert, at least three feet of it in some places. >> one word? miserable. >> reporter: further south, torrential rain and fear of mudslides forced families from their homes. >> we know the mud, the rocks, and everything can do huge amounts of damage. so, we won't stay around. >> reporter: police closed ice-coated roads, including this stretch of major interstates, stranding drivers overnight. >> it doesn't do any use to cry. you're just stuck here. you might as well enjoy it and do what you got to do. >> reporter: the blinding snow closed schools and snarled traffic from arizona. >> it's a little bit
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white-knuckling at some points. >> reporter: to indiana. much of the midwest, a sheet of ice. >> it's treacherous conditions. causing a lot of slide-offs, a lot of accidents. >> reporter: the storm put the de freeze on air travel, too. 300 flights cancelled today at chicago-o'hare. at least eight states have issued blizzard warnings, including nebraska, missouri and michigan. all expecting about a foot of snow. over the next 24 hours, as the storm marches east, it will unleash it's frozen misery, dumping up to 18 inches of snow in some spots. and that's not all. >> you're going to have ground blizzard conditions. even after the precipitation stops falling from the clouds, you're going to have some snow on the ground that's going to wind-whipped at 40 to 50 miles per hour. >> reporter: along with those gusts, wind chills will make it feel like 20 below zero. for much of the nation, it's a brutal first dose of winter, weeks before the season begins. barbara pinto, abc news, chicago. next, we're going to check
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in on all issues that seem to preoccupy washington these days. number one, the senate working through the health care reform bill. senators rejected an amendment that would have restricted insurance coverage for abortions. abortion has become a contentious issue in the debate of the bill. jonathan karl is joining us tonight from capitol hill. jon, we haven't checked in on this health care reform debate in about a week or so. so, tell me how things stand. are the democrats beginning to get optimistic? >> reporter: charlie, democrats in the senate are more optimistic on this than i have seen them in a long time. the reason for the optimism is they now have an emerging compromise on the so-called public option. instead of creating a new government-run insurance program, this new compromise would expand medicare. allow individuals 55 to 64 to buy into the program, and it would set up a system that would allow ordinary americans to buy private insurance very similar to that offered to members of congress. these are ideas that moderates
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who don't like the public option, people like joe lieberman, seem inclined to support. and that means they are potentially much closer to getting a bill passed in the senate by the end of the year. >> so, they feel things are looking up because they have a long way to go in this debate, right? >> reporter: yes, and there are still big obstacles. you mentioned abortion. that measure rejected today in the senate was a big part in getting the bill passed in the house. so, without that, it's unclear, can they pass it in the house? and i talked to a top aide to speaker pelosi today who say the house is not going to rubber stamp whatever happens here in the senate. there will be more negotiations ahead. >> all right, some optimism there on the hill about health care reform. we're going to move to although i another issue in washington, and that's jobs. president obama called for billions in new spending for road and bridge construction, new energy efficiency tax credits for homeowners, and new
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incentives to expand small businesses in order to spur new hiring. >> even though we've reduced the deluge of job losses to a relative trickle, we are not yet creating jobs at a pace to help all those families who have been swept up in the flood. >> and our jake tapper is at the white house. so, jake what are these programs going to do, in the white house's mind? >> reporter: one of the big criticisms that the administration faced is that they've not done enough for small businesses, to free up credit, to expand opportunities for small businesses to hire and expand their businesses. they are addressing that in this bill and some of the economists we spoke to are awaiting to see more of the details, because really there haven't been a lot of price tacks or details attached to today's announcement. >> you reported last night on the fact that the banks are repaying the bailout money faster than expected, and there was a debate as to the administration would use that t.a.r.p. money for job creation. any decision on that? >> reporter: abc news has learned that the administration
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tomorrow is going to announce that it will extend that t.a.r.p. program, troubled asset relief program aimed at wall street, they are going to extend it. they want to extend it to october 2010. they want that money to go to freeing up credit for small business owners and also for homeowners who are struggling with their mortgages. >> all right, jake tapper at the white house. some new movement in the area on jobs. and then we're going to turn overse to creak, where a series of explosions tore across baghdad today. the worst violence in that country in a month. at least 127 people were akill and 500 were wounded. here's jim sciutto. >> reporter: in a few harrowing minutes, panic returned to baghdad. five bombs devastating a mosque, a college and government ministries, including two that had been bombed just weeks before. "why didn't iraqi troops stop the bombers," he asked.
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>> reporter: imagines, depressingly familiar, reminiscent of a time before the u.s. troop surge, when iraq was in a full-scale war. dr. tara barqi has worked at baghdad's kindi hospital since 2003, but says she's never experienced a day like this. >> we're so angry and i don't know how long we're going to hold on. we're running out of patience down here. >> reporter: the attacks are seen as an attempt to undermine the government ahead of national elections now set for march. police tell abc news the bombers had to pass through at least five checkpoints, an echl bars embarrassment for iraqi security forces who have taken over the lead as u.s. troops draw town. >> everyone knows the americans are leaving and i think the open question was, even with all the security improvements, would they hold as the americans left? days like today undermine the public confidence severely. >> reporter: the violence is returning on a scale seemingly possible only here. august 19th, known as bloody wednesday, at least 122 dead.
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october 25th, bloody sunday, at least 155 killed. now, iraqis are already calling today bloody tuesday. jim sciutto, abc news, london. >> this violence in reaction has implications for afghanistan, where the mission is the same. turn security over to forces trained by the u.s. so, we want to talk about both fronts with our senior foreign affairs correspondent martha d radda raddatz. let's start with iraq. this brings it back to people. we've turned over responsibility, and this calls into question if the iraq kips can provide security. >> reporter: it certainly does, charlie. i don't think there are real plans to change any kind of withdrawal from iraq. but the status of forces agreement says all u.s. forces should be out of there by the end of 2011. that can only change if the iraqis ask the americans to stay. that might happen after day's like today. >> all right, so, then we're in the position of training securityorces in afghanistan.
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and it was interesting, general stanley mcchrystal, in charge of u.s. forces in afghanistan, on the hill today, and he was positive this can be done. listen to a little bit of his testimony. >> by this time next year, new security gains will be eliminated by specific end kay tomorrows and it will be clear to us that the insurgeon sip has lost the momentum. and by the summer 2011, it will be clear to the afghan people that the insurgency will not win. >> that's a greater confidence in success than i've heard from military officials recently. rrl me, too, charlie. and frankly, i was surprised. i know the reason. he really wants to convince the afghans, and the pakistanis, that the u.s. is committed, that the u.s. can succeed. but this is very risky, what he said on a day when hamid karzai said he felt it would take 15 to 20 years before the afghan security forces could really be in charge. >> all right, iraq and afghanistan, two more of the
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issues that preoccupy washington. martha, thank you. still ahenld on "world news," the latest round of turmoil for tiger woods. a new 911 call in the middle of the night. and woods' sponsors take a step back. from the middle of war to welcoming arms. a battlefield rescue puppy begins her new life. and, the world's best surfers ride the waves of a lifetime. it was some sight on the hawaiian coast today. - welcome to glad tv. thanks, skyler. let's go to last night's highlights. there's mom and dad cleaning up. and there's the meatloaf. yuck. look what sometimes happens with the ordinary bag. it slips, oh, bingo, it falls in. mom was mad. mom should have used glad forceflex with the new stretchable drawstring that grips the can and stays in place. plus, it has the stretchable strength of forceflex. that's all today for glad tv. both: don't get mad-- get glad!
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a a case of dejas have vu. tiger woods' florida mansion was the scene of another 2:30 a.m. phone call this latest phone call has set off a fresh round of speculation about woods, his marriage, and his future. the public fascination with this story just goes on. here's david muir. >> reporter: tiger woods' personal turmoil has taken on a public life of its own. every development, traveling at lightning speed. overnight, his mother-in-law rushed to the hospital. it's believed woods' wife, or her sister, made the call. >> hurry up, my mom just collapsed. >> reporter: 6:26 this morning, the website gawker reports on the emergency call. by 6:41, it's on radar onli. 7:00 a.m. eastern -- >> breaking news. >> it really is a perfect storm. tiger woods, twitter, the internet, all exploding at the same time. >> reporter: and the story changes almost hourly. later today, we learned the
6:47 pm
mother-in-law had been released from the hospital. then, gatorade confirmed it will no longer be making its gatorade tiger focus drink. nielsen reported no tv ads featuring tiger woods have aired now in more than a week. >> if you go on twitter, about every two, three minutes, you hear people say, i'm sick of this tiger woods stuff. followed by nine or ten tweets on the case. >> reporter: it was just a week ago, woods issued his online plea, "this is a private matter and i want to keep it that way." >> that's over. the very same thing that catapulted tiger woods to the top of his profession is what's turned on him. if anyone is smart enough to understand this, it's tiger woods. >> reporter: initially, many of his fans rushed to his defense. just today, one fan wrote -- "no one deserves the media trial you are getting. not even for what you have done. but with more women coming forward, the tone, even on his own website, is shifting. "as a supporter and, used to be, fan and admirer, i have to tell you that i am not alone in disappointment in you. now your mother-in-law is hospitalized."
6:48 pm
one mother even wrote about the son who has idolized tiger woods for 14 years. "i asked him what he thought. he said, 'mom, don't even ask me that question. he makes me sick.'" fans torn, publicly. tiger woods and his family, privately. as the tweets, the texts and the talk continues. david muir, abc news, new york. and coming up, u.s. soldiers reunited with the four-footed friend that they rescued in battle. what's that website your friend mentioned? that's it, from prudential. she talked to her financial advisor about what she leard there. said it really helped her get back on track. i like that. (announcer) help get your plan back on track. watch our educational video at retirement, the site for the critical years before and after retirement. maybe i can retire after all. now you're talking. (announcer) click retirementredzone.m. then talk to your financial professional. that's when i'd had it with heartburn. the guy was hilarious. but i was in pain, so i stepped out.
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he is recovering from lung cancer surgery, and treatment. the former "today show" anchor is 61, and said that a tumor was removed two months ago. in washington today, an outpouring of grief for the four lakewood police officers gunned down on thanksgiving weekend. more than 2,000 police and fire vehicles formed a long slow procession passing under american floogs as they made their way from mccord air force base to the memorial service at the tacoma dome, packed with 20,000 mourners. police and firefighters from more than 300 departments across the u.s.nd canada turned out to pay their respects to the four officers as they shared a cup of coffee at the start of their shift. next, we go to ft. campbell, kentucky, and a story about soldiers who have come home from afghanistan. when they pack up to leave the war zone, troops leave things behind. so, steve osunsami has the story of one soldier who has had one
6:52 pm
item returned to him, courtesy of a very special delivery. >> reporter: she was just a puppy when they found her in the middle of the battlefield in afghanistan. they were the young soldiers of the 101st air born about to return. chef was the afghan mix they adopted, but by military law, were not allowed to bring home. >> and it was very, very young, so they would have left it there, it would have never made it. >> reporter: they named her ali. corporal michael called his mother and asked for help. >> the shipping cost to get the dog from afghanistan to new york was a total of about $2500 that wead to raise. >> reporter: she raised the money, and ali arrived here two weeks before the soldiers came home. pilots who do this for free flew ali and another dog from new york to west virginia. and from there, to louisville, where the corporal's mother was waiting. >> michael will be here soon.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: jerry says he's proud to help reunite rescued pets with their returning soldiers. >> they call us the heroes that we're helping them out, and yoour you're my hero, and i just tell them, they're the heroes. >> reporter: after two tours in iraq and another in afghanistan, corporal lemmons and the other soldiers came home to a here rope's welcome at ft. campbell, kentucky. his mother was there, so was the rest of his family, and so was his dog, that had traveled so far. >> we go out for physical training and she would run with us. she was very important to everybody, because, in places like that, you don't really have very much, and having a pup pip was like having a part of our homeland with us there. >> reporter: he says he's happy to be home, and happy she's home, too. steve osunsami, abc news, ft. campbell, kentucky. and up next, catching the ultimate big one. world class surfers on a sensational ride.
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and vivid, unusual or strange dreams. until you know how chantix may affect you, use caution when driving or operating machinery. chantix should not be taken with other quit smoking products. with the chantix and with the support system, it worked. it worked for me. (announcer) talk to your doctor to find out if prescription chantix is right for you. fina finally tonight, surf's up. really, really up. for days now, the world's best surfers and the fans who love to watch them have been flocking to
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hawaii, all in anticipation of the biggest waves in a generation. generated by a major pacific storm out at sea. and today the waves came crashing in. >> having a look at this. looklike a light drop. >> reporter: rare swells 30, 40, even 50 feet high, challenging the surfers in an elite competition. but don't you have to be a little bit crazy to take on a wave the height of a four-story building? >> kelly slater. >> oh, yeah, kelly. massive wave. got taken out. oh, no, he's there. >> reporter: all in the game for kelly slater. >> oh, it was really stoked. that was fun. just to make a wave like that -- you don't get too many of those this is like a football stadium, you know. this is the arena. >> monster cements, putting the dudes in the soup. not often you get to use terms like that in a news cast. and that is "world news" for this tuesday. i'm charlie gibson, and i hope
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you had a good day. for all of us at a b bc news, h a good night. 
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